At randomchaos, Scott Reynan suggests that LibraryLookup and GeoURL ought to get together. I'm not sure that's a match made in heaven, though. The barriers that stand in the way of more comprehensive coverage of libraries include incomplete directories of OPACs and noncompliant OPACs (e.g., no URL-line access, or no ISBN lookup on the URL-line). Mapping libraries to GIS coordinates doesn't seem to address those problems. Like any website, of course, a library's homepage could announce its coordinates in this way, and that would be fun and useful. GeoURL is a fascinating service! Here is the GeoURL universe from my perspective.

To join GeoURL, you add this kind of metadata to your homepage:

<META name="ICBM" content="42.93564,-72.27239">
<META name="DC.title" content="Jon Udell">

On the add form, GeoURL's author, Joshua Schachter, provides a helper to generate your metadata, and a pinger to tell GeoURL to visit your site.

I haven't been able to determine why the coordinates are labeled 'ICBM' -- which sounds ominously as though you're inviting a missile strike!

Update: Why is it called an "ICBM Address?" Old Usenet historical precedent.

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