Phil Windley on government's proper role as an identity provider

Phil Windley reprises his Digital ID World talk in this excellent article which argues that "serving as the foundation for identity is a proper role for government."

I've long thought so too. When I met Phil at the identity conference, I asked how he thought this would play out. He suspects that the national ID card will prove to have been a stalking horse. We'll never get it, but we won't need it -- because state-issued credentials, specifically driver's licences, will carry certs, and will for all practical purposes federate.

I understand and sympathize with the concerns raised by that notion. But where there is risk, there is also opportunity. And one of the opportunities is to get to the point where we have translucency and selective disclosure -- so that, for example, your ID proves only your age to the liquor store clerk, without revealing anything else he doesn't need to know.

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