Greg Reinacker's NewsGator

Greg Reinacker's NewsGator is a fabulous hack: an Outlook plug-in (based on the .NET CLR, by the way) that reads RSS newsfeeds. It supports Outlook 2000 or 2002; I'm using 2000. I pointed it at my OPML subscriptions list and it scooped everything into a set of subfolders. Very NetNewsWire-like!

So am I an instant convert? Sadly no, for reasons that have to do with Outlook, not NewsGator. A minor issue is that in Outlook 2000, you can't suppress the To and From fields in the RSS subfolders. The showstopper, though, is Outlook's inexplicable lack of a "next unread" function. What's up with that? Various websites list the "top 10" Outlook keyboard shortcuts for things I do never or rarely, but there's nothing for the thing I do hundreds if not thousands of times a day.

When somebody comes up with the Mozilla mail/news version of NewsGator, I'll be on it in a flash.

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