It's just scary how measurable things are nowadays. Six months ago I ran some Google queries for "microsoft blogs" and "apple blogs" and "linux blogs" and blogged the results. Here is an update:

9/23/2002 2/21/2003 % change
"microsoft blogs" 3 46 1533%
"apple blogs" 107 105 98%
"linux blogs" 522 691 132%

Update: Sean Trickerson wrote to say:

Your implication that there are massively more apple weblogs than microsoft weblogs is fundamentally flawed. Repeat your google search for "big apple blogs" I think you'll find that nearly all of your quoted statistics have no relation whatsoever to Apple the company.

Excellent point, Sean. I wish I could go back in time and change the September snapshot to be a search for "os x blogs" (currently: 10 Google results). Oh well. The point about MS blogs is, however, unaffected by that glitch.

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