The pedantic Web

Stefano Mazzocchi
In Markup and emergence, yin and yang, I echoed Sam Ruby's comment that Stefano Mazzocchi's term for data emergence -- the pedantic web -- was an unfortunate one. Turns out Sam and I didn't get the joke. Stefano, who created Apache Cocoon, wrote to say:

The term "pedantic web" didn't refer to what I'm going to do, but was a way to make fun of what the w3c is trying to do. Sam didn't understand that and recontextualized it so that it now appears that I called 'data emergence' as 'pedantic web', while it was the semantic web that I was calling 'pedantic'. (I got the joke from

Amazingly enough, if you search for "pedantic web" on Google, now I appear first. Maybe blogging is really the way to exploit Google's pagerank. :)

Well it certainly is that! By titling this piece "The Pedantic Web" perhaps I can make Stefano's correction float to the top of the heap. For more on Stefano's thinking about metadata management, you can check out this talk (and and presentation) on a subject near and dear to my heart: efficient metadata authoring.

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