Annoying habit #1

Yesterday I stumbled upon the WebX discussion forum that's been set up for me. It has the mellifluous URL 13@@.2cb4e7de. Coincidentally, my old newsgroup pal Jake Ochs had just been there and scored the first post:

Hi Jon, I think this forum is too hard to find for your die-hard fans. Perhaps you should link to it from your blog? Maybe make a comment link from your blog articles to this forum?

It's an odd thing, isn't it? My online life revolved around discussion groups from 1995 to 2001. The newsgroups I started up at BYTE became a movable feast, migrating from one server to another until CMP finally pulled the plug. By then, I was ready for a vacation from the world of discussion groups. The more loosely-coupled architecture of blogspace has all sorts of advantages that I'm still exploring and learning about.

But Jake's right. I've been guilty of Jeremy Zawodny's annoying habit #1 -- "Bloggers who don't enable comments on their blogs" -- and it's probably time to reform. 1 I'm not wild about per-item comments, but I like Jake's suggestion: point from each item to a long-running discussion that would develop a life of its own, and would feel more like the kinds of discussions a number of us used to enjoy.

That meant I had to register as an InfoWorld WebX user. Not having to do that, and being able to use your own primary identity in cross-blog discussion, is one of the great pleasures of blogging. But, how bad could it be?

  1. Fill out the minimum fields on the form

  2. Try username "judell" -> in use

  3. Try username "jonudell" -> in use

  4. Try lost password recovery for -> no joy

  5. Try lost password recovery for -> no joy

  6. Back to registration form -> all data lost

  7. Fill out the minimum fields on the form again

  8. Try username "Jon Udell" -> accepted!

  9. Log in as "Jon Udell" -> 404

  10. Switch from Safari to Mozilla

  11. Log in as "Jon Udell" -> Success!

Heh. Well, I'll give it a try anyway.

1 I could argue that I deserve special dispensation, since I'm the guy who talked Jeremy into starting his blog. But I won't :-)

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