Inventing languages and monitoring queries

It's wonderful to hear from Tim Bray on a regular basis nowadays. Today he meditates on the pros and cons of inventing, rather than reusing, markup languages:

The cost of inventing a new language is lower than you might think, because it turns out to be fairly easy to transform XML to meet whatever your business needs are. On the other hand, it's higher than you might think, because language design is hard and easy to get wrong. [ ongoing]

The whole idea of language design is a bit odd, when you stop to think about it. We are of course linguistic animals, but we have no knowledge of the process that shaped our languages and not much awareness of their architecture. So I guess you could argue that language design is an unnatural act. I've committed a few such acts -- nothing fancy, but enough to have a sense of the tradeoffs Tim alludes to. I'd add that, even though transformation seems pretty easy, it also winds up being more costly than you'd think. More moving parts means more things that can break. So I've always leaned toward a unified approach -- for example, writing valid XHTML that doesn't need to be transformed in order to be rendered. Or using class attributes for both stylistic and semantic effect.

Tim can debate mind-numbingly esoteric stuff with the XML experts, but he never loses touch with the earthy reality of the Web. For example, he didn't need any XML to rip through his referrer log and check out the queries that brought people to his site. In six months, once he's accumulated more blog entries, those queries will become a much more accurate digest of his interests. Here, for example, were my queries for today: 1

jon 10
jon udell 7
udell 6
xslt tutorial 5
bookmarklet 4
library lookup 3
valdis krebs 3
space junk 3
udell flash mx 2
er design 2
infopath 2
choicemail 2
word 2
yukon filesystem 2
vonage business 2
flash mx listbox 2
xsl url link 2
phone google udell 2
pst outlook 2
delta airlines 2
utah cto blog 2
tacit knowledge 2
mozilla outlook 2
xforms infopath 2
talis 2
rich edit 2
mud wrestling 2
er 2
open source rbac 2
microcontent 2
jon 2
nntp rss 2
john udell 2
rss xslt 2
wi-fi primer 2
soft security 2
intellij regular expression search 1
zope external ruby 1
html pagename 1
picture of a radio 1
esp test 1
architecture manifesto 1
jon udell weblog 1
manufactured cultures 1
rss the economist 1
pst format 1
pki failure rate 1
true names vinge 1
choicemail one review 1
how pipelining works with http 1
outlook.pst 1
rss nt weblog 1
groove 1
tme grid 1
galactic structure 1
clifford pickover 1
what is integration 1
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putnam social capital 1
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wsdl afault .net 1
why wired news uses css-p 1
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508 character limit 1
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importing pst. files into outlook 1
where angels fear to tread 1
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why my typing moving up side 1
python collaboration web 1
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mindreef 1
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why use extreme programming 1
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example of forward integration 1
rss 2.0 1
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aircraft gps in degree decimal minutes 1
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thread.jsp 1
where angels fear to tread 1
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sherlock vs watson 1
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priceless 1
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perl osascript 1
xcopy and networks 1
delta airlines security 1
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service oriented architecture 1
who is the asp running as in iis? 1
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tracking porn users
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notes is dead 1
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regina health library catalog 1
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design spaces watchmaker 1
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e.s.p. test 1
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ipac and security and microsoft 1
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true nyms and crypto anarchy 1
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consciousness 1 windows server internet apache home cassini 1
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exchange rss 1
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office infopath 1

1 There's a ringer in the list: "tracking porn users." What's up with that? GoogleBox. It's easy to forget that it can put things on your page that you didn't mean to put there. Here's the GoogleBox that drew that referral.

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