PICA systems added to LibraryLookup

Thanks to Edlef Stabenau for identifying the LibaryLookup pattern for PICA systems. "PICA is a library system which is leading in Germany and in the Netherlands," he writes. Based on his example, for the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, I've added a seventh option to the LibraryLookup generator.

I don't really have time to scan Libdex and try to enumerate the individual OPACs, as I did at the beginning to jumpstart this project. The "Build Your own Bookmarklet" solution is a reasonable compromise, but I realize it's suboptimal. A lot of folks who approach it struggle with the concepts -- e.g., "base URL." Of course, it only takes one individual for each library to follow that procedure. Once generated, the bookmarklet can be displayed on that library's website for use by all patrons.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2003/03/09.html#a631