Boats and deckchairs: a mystery solved

Stephen Jay Gould
When I Googled for necker cube yesterday, I found an image embedded in an amazing article entitled Boats and Deckchairs, written by Stephen Jay Gould and Rhonda Roland Shearer and published -- in December 1999 -- in the Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal. I used the image to illustrate yesterday's item, and linked to the article. Later in the day, I noticed the link had been shut down, so I swapped in a different image. But in fact, you can still find the article at It's a worthy entertainment that reminds me how diverse Gould's interests were, and how much he is missed.

Why was the original URL in Google's index shut down? My guess: the site wanted to make sure everybody has a chance to see their Flash intro. If that's so, I'd recommend redirecting folks from to (PS: the original is back now too.)

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