Two more LibraryLookup-compatible OPACS

I've added two new OPAC systems to the LibraryLookup bookmarklet generator. Thanks to Chris Tovell, at the Beaverton City Library in Beaverton, OR, for the key that unlocks a number of Polaris libraries. And thanks to Jonathan Rentzsch for the key to Sirsi's WebCat systems.

When I ask on the bookmarklet generator page for new patterns, these are what I have in mind. I'm not looking for bookmarklets that can already be generated for one of the OPACs listed on that page. I'm looking for other OPACs, not already covered there, which meet the following criteria:

If you've identified one of these, it's helpful to head on over to Libdex, find the vendor of that OPAC, and test your pattern on a few specimens. It almost certainly won't work in every case. Some implementations of an OPAC require login, for example, and others don't. But if your pattern works more often than not, I think it's worth including in the bookmarklet generator.

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