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Astute readers may have noticed an apparent contradiction in this week's issue of InfoWorld. First this:

The technology Microsoft pulled together for Windows Server 2003 is its best effort by far, an uncannily good fit for the myriad challenges modern IT organizations face. It is, in the best sense, a total solution in a box. [Microsoft's platform play hits the big time, Tom Yager, InfoWorld, May 2, 2003]

And then this:

I am turning away from two core assumptions: that all x86 machines are destined to run Windows and that all worthwhile entry-level servers, business desktops, and serious notebooks use Intel CPUs...The two Windows servers that are presently the hub of my network -- the sacred production boxes that serve my directory, mail, Web, streaming video, database, and applications -- will soon be gone. I'm replacing them with Apple Xserve machines... [Windows doesn't live here anymore, Tom Yager, InfoWorld, May 2, 2003]

Well, the enterprising reporters at Crazy Apple Rumors did some digging, and here's what they found:

When reached for comment, Yager at first denied any attempt on his part to subvert the process. Under a withering barrage of questions from Crazy Apple Rumors Site reporters, however, his story quickly collapsed.

"Oh, jeez, I just thought for sure if I kept writing about Apple they'd can my ass! I mean, the magazine's for enterprise users, for Pete's sake! No one who reads it cares about Apple! They hate Apple!

"What do I have to do to get fired from this place?" a frustrated Yager asked, "Prance around with a tangerine iBook like a little girl?"

Yager even sports a black turtleneck a la Steve Jobs in the photograph of him that appears next to every column.

"I'm trying to play it just short of crazy, you know?" Yager said. "Just enough to make them uncomfortable but not have a black mark on my resumé."

Asked why it was he was hoping to get fired, Yager replied "I've been a technology columnist for a while now, but what I really want to do is direct. [Crazy Apple Rumors]

Funny stuff! We're flattered. But in all seriousness, I don't see any contradiction here. Like Tom, I'm a zealous non-zealot. I touch Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X every day. My only religion is what works.

As for Apple, its current portfolio packs more of an enterprise punch than the company lets on. An eclectic wizard like Tom is just the guy you want doing a serious investigation of the possibilities.

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