Googling for social security numbers

Now and again, I google for my social security number, hoping that the number of hits will be zero but fearing that it won't be. So far, so good. In case you've never tried it, here's an interesting experiment. Search for the first digit, then the first two digits, and so on until you build up the string of all nine digits. Here's the pattern for me:

digits    Google
of SS#     hits

1 952,000,000 2 182,000,000 3 5,900,000 4 14,700,000 (Because it spells a year in the last century.) 5 13,300 6 683 7 22 8 3 9 0
There is, of course, a class of 10-digit numbers -- namely phone numbers -- that produce Google results that usually shock people who haven't seen them before. How shocked would you be to find your social security number effective as a Google search term? Does this in fact already happen sometimes?

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