InfoWorld survey on enterprise security

InfoWorld invites your participation in a survey on enterprise security. Note: if you would be inclined to answer "IT staff" (as opposed to manager/director/engineer/analyst/developer) on question 1, "What is your title?", or "Not involved" on question 2, about purchasing, then don't bother -- it's a quick trip to the exit in that case. For those of you who do qualify and do participate, thanks. It really is useful feedback for us.

By the way, I found it surprisingly hard to complete the last page of the survey. I think I've figured out why. It uses tables that look like this:

This alternating-color-bar design is a convention I've never much liked, but I guess we're stuck with it for now. It might be OK for reading, though, but I think it's really bad for input. Something about the alternation kept making me skip rows, so it was -- as I said -- surprisingly hard to complete the survey.

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