Mozilla search plugins

mycroft in mozilla firebird
Mozilla search plugins
Don Box notices a cool IE feature. The view-source: protocol is supported. I tried it and it worked. Even cooler, I wasn't in IE at the time, I was in Firebird. I guess we should call it a browser feature :-)

Speaking of cool features, I've been meaning to mention Mycroft, a collection of search plugins for the Mozilla toolbar. These plugins work like Huevos, and a bunch of other doodads, so there's really nothing new here, but it's handy to be able to extend the browsers integrated search toolbar.

The screenshot shows Firebird with the standard set of plugins -- for Google, Google News, Amazon, and (Open Directory) -- plus a handful I've added. They're easy to make. As with Huevos and other tools, you just need to describe your search URL and parameterize the search term. For Mozilla, you also supply a 16x16 image to differentiate each plugin in the dropdown list. A simple description goes like this:

<search name="Jon's Radio" version="1.0" method="GET" action=""><br/> <input name="sp-q" user> <br/> <input name="sp-a" value="sp10022a3d"> <br/> </search>

Here are the files for the plugins shown in the screenshot:

Former URL: