More baseball lessons

My recent column about baseball and IT was an odd departure for me, since I lack the sports gene and don't even try to pretend otherwise. But as it turns out, the baseball/IT connection is right up the alley of Jeff Angus, an InfoWorld contributing editor whose background (who knew?) includes baseball reporting as well as management consulting.

Jeff says he's writing a book that'll be called "Almost Everything I Need to Know About Management, I Learned From Baseball." And he's working out the ideas on a weblog; here's a sample:

TIP: Take a lesson from baseball and consider using late-cycle projects with determined outcomes (bad and good) as September Call-Up opportunities for less-experienced staffers. Your risk will just about never be lower, and the chances for high returns will just about never be higher. [Management by Baseball]

Cool. But dude...get yourself an RSS feed! Although, come to think of it, how does a Blogger user do that at the moment? According to this message now attached to the Blogger Pro link at

We're no longer offering Blogger Pro as a separate product and we're folding most of the features into regular (free) Blogger.

Don't worry - nothing you paid for is going away. Your subscription is still valid, and you will continue to have access to features like RSS and post-via-email that are still not in the free version.

Sounds like a Catch-22. Jeff can't upgrade to Blogger Pro, but free Blogger doesn't yet support RSS?

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