The avocado-green fridge

green fridge Tom Yager wrote an unusually poetic column this week. I am particularly savoring the first two sentences of his lead:

The PC is the black and white TV in the wood cabinet. It's the round, tan thermostat dial, the avocado-green fridge, the Steve Miller Band. [InfoWorld: Die, die, accursed PC]

And here's my favorite line:

A 3GHz Pentium 4 desktop is an IBM PC/AT wearing a mail-order gown and too much rouge.
Great stuff! Of course there's something to be said for the avocado-green fridge, as Russell Beattie -- lusting over Tim Bray's new PowerBook -- observes:
More and more webloggers are receiving theirs in the mail (the bastards, all of them) and I'm seeing pics and getting more and more insane with jealousy. I really *want* that box. But man, it's expensive. These guys must be made of money. $2500+ for a laptop? That's a serious premium over the $1200 I paid for this Toshiba. [Russell Beattie's Notebook]

As for me, I'm happy to have a foot in both camps. The original 15" TiBook is, by a longshot, the most useful laptop I've ever carried around. But I collect avocado-green fridges too. They're real handy gadgets.

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