Notice to customers using e-mail filtering SPAM software

Important account information communicated through e-mail may be affected by any e-mail filtering "SPAM" software you have installed on your computer.

We use your e-mail address to confirm your registration, online order status or payment confirmation, notify you when your bill is available for viewing online, respond to inquiries and to keep you updated about news and information relevant to your account(s).

To ensure that you receive important e-mails, do one of the following:

  1. Add the "" and "" domains to your e-mail "safe list".

  2. If your settings do not allow you to add e-mail addresses to a "safe list," use the Help section or contact your e-mail/internet provider's Customer Support to research your configuration options.

  3. Disable your e-mail filtering "SPAM" software.

  4. Bypass email entirely, and subscribe to the secure, personalized RSS feed at this address: https://jonudell:xPqR1$

OK, I made up #4, but the rest is genuine. Since AT&T's Sonya Bigby-McCloud never got back to me about the online bill presentment glitch, I'll offer the $20 Amazon gift certificate that she could have claimed to the first utility company that figures out this email route-around, and taps into my preferred spam-free channel for receiving notifications.

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