Putting services into buckets is a hopeless exercise

fcc voip hearing

So the question being asked today is where does VoIP fit? Is it in the unregulated data portion of the circle, or the regulated telephony part of the circle? I'd like to suggest that's the wrong question to ask.


In this world, putting services into buckets is a hopeless exercise. The critical issues concern interconnection among networks and openness of platforms. [Kevin Werbach, presentation to FCC VoIP hearing
Kevin points out that the stream I couldn't catch live the other day is archived at CSPAN. His own presentation, which I quote here, was excellent.

I don't happen to have four hours to spare right now, so I can't watch the whole thing. It'd be great if the blogging community got into the habit of quoting and linking to highlights when events like this are made available as archived streams. That way I could make better use of the content in the limited time I have available to spend with it.

Update: Case in point: David Isenberg notes that Michael Powell's published prepared remarks differ from his actual remarks. And Jeff Pulver points out that Reuters quoted from his prepared remarks, posted on his blog, not from what he actually said. Fascinating.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2003/12/03.html#a857