Adam Bosworth on navigating the linked web of data

Here's a brief clip from Adam Bosworth's terrific keynote, in which he talks about the synchronizing data browser that he's been dropping hints about on his weblog, and in which he also pokes some friendly fun at Jean Paoli's French accent.

It's always interesting to see which memes emerge from conferences. I'm delighted that the ideas in the air at this one resonate very strongly with the theme of my own keynote: how and why to make the ways we humans search, navigate, and interact with linked sets of documents a central aspect of the evolving fabric of XML services. Dave Megginson's "strange creations," Adobe's demonstration yesterday of its forthcoming designer (which I think of as "InfoPath for digital paper"), Mike Champion's level-headed assessment of how Amazon and eBay are exploiting plain XML-over-HTTP, the WSRP interop session I'll attend later, and of course Adam's talk -- all in all I'm feeling pretty good about where things are headed.

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