Mindreef's SOAPscope 3.0

camtasia Here's a four-minute Flash movie containing three segments from an online demo of the latest version of Mindreef's SOAPscope. The presenter is Frank Grossman; a few others (including me) chime in occasionally. The segments are:

  1. How SOAPscope integrates with the WS-I (Web Services Interoperability Organization) test tools.

  2. How to invoke a WSDL service -- in this case, Microsoft's TerraService -- using SOAPscope to visualize inputs and outputs as pseudocode, and optionally modify and replay messages. You can try this yourself at XMethods.net, but the earlier version 2.0 of SOAPscope that's running there isn't as clever about converting enumerated types in the schema into picklists on the invocation form.

  3. How SOAPscope 3.0 integrates with Visual Studio.NET.

Thanks to the Mindreef guys for playing along with this experiment, and to TechSmith for letting me test-drive Camtasia Studio. If folks think these off-the-cuff videos are useful, I'll try to do more of them. I'm involved in a lot of online demos, and showcasing them in this way is probably win/win both for the companies who present to me and for the readers of this blog.

Update: Just as I was noticing a playback problem, Frank Grossman wrote to report the same thing. Camtasia uses a secondary .SWF file, launched from this HTML, to control playback. Evidently, the idea is to make sure the movie plays at the correct screen size. But what I found, as did Frank, is that after the first time through, progressive playback of the video doesn't work on subsequent playbacks. So now I'm pointing directly at the primary .SWF file which, if you're running at greater than 1024x768 (the resolution of the demo) should work fine. If you're running at 1024x768, though, you'll want to use F11 to maximize the Flash player.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2004/01/26.html#a897