Paul Venezia's masterful Linux 2.6 review

Hats off to Paul Venezia for his exhaustive analysis of the Linux 2.6 kernel in this week's InfoWorld:

Will the new Linux really perform in the same league as the big boys? To find out, I put the v2.6.0 kernel through several real-world performance tests, comparing its file server, database server, and Web server performance with a recent v2.4 series kernel, v2.4.23. [InfoWorld: Linux v2.6 scales the enterprise, Paul Venezia]

Paul's not kidding, he went to the mat on this one. In a sidebar on the kernel development process, Paul notes that he twice went to the Linux Kernel Mailing List with what seemed to be -- and in fact were -- bugs. Here's the first LKML thread, and here's the second. Nice going!

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