LibraryLookup for Talis Prism

Tim Hodson's LibraryLookup bookmarklet broke when his library upgraded its OPAC. So he fixed it:

Have used your lookup many times, until our library service started to use a new OPAC! Talis Information systems have released a new OPAC which is called Talis Prism. For a while I thought my lovely lookup would never work again, but I have recently discovered (by changing their post form variables to gets with the marvellous firefox browser and a web developers toolbar) that a get version of their page works just as well.
Thanks Tim! I love to see users hacking their library systems this way. I've taken the URL pattern that Tim figured out and added it to the build your own bookmarklet service; Talis Prism now becomes the twelfth supported OPAC. I can no longer keep up with the static lists that I originally compiled in order to seed this project. But I'm always on the lookout for new patterns -- like the one Tim has provided -- that enable users to generate their own bookmarklets for some previously unsupported class of OPAC system.

If your game is enterprise software, you might regard all this library stuff as an odd diversion of mine. But ask yourself: can users of your ERP and CRM systems hack their own integration? If not, why not?

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