The social enterprise

We are social animals for whom networked software is creating a new kind of habitat. Social software can be defined as whatever supports or amplifies our social behavior as we colonize the virtual realm. The category includes familiar things such as groupware and knowledge management, and extends to the new breed of relationship power tools that have brought the venture capitalists out of hibernation. [Full story at]
This story touched on too many themes for the allotted space, but I thought it important to try to paint the bigger picture.

There's also an interview with Valdis Krebs and Gerry Falkowski. Valdis wrote me over the weekend with a correction to this bit:

IW: Does it cut the other way, too?

VK: We wouldn't take a job that we knew would lead to a resource action.

IW: Resource action?

VK: Layoff.

Valdis thought it was Gerry, not himself, speaking at this point. I just checked, and he's right. Here's the clip.

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