i18n again

Sam Ruby pinpoints the glitch:

Let's take a closer look into Jon's RSS feed:

<title>Active r&amp;#233;sum&amp;#233;s</title>
Arguably, the InfoWorld process did parse the RSS feed, once. [Sam Ruby]
I'll be damned. I had forgotten that Radio UserLand's RSS writer runs the title through an encoding routine. That's where the extra level of escaping came from. I had removed the call to the encoder for the body content in my version of the RSS writer, but not for the title. Now it's removed there too, which I think is correct for my situation, but we'll see.

Thanks Sam, and apologies to the InfoWorld crew -- it was my fault after all. Clearly Sam's right: we could, indeed, learn a lot from those 13th century artisans. And I guess Micah Dubinko would agree.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2004/04/27.html#a983