Topic: identity. Author: anonymous.

The current issue of Digital ID World just arrived. While reading an article about CoreStreet, a company whose identity technologies have intrigued 1 me for a while, I noticed something strangely missing from the article: a byline.

Flipping through the magazine, I found several bylined columns and one bylined feature, but most of the features -- hefty four-to-six-page articles on a range of identity-related topics -- are anonymous.

This would be odd in any case, but for a magazine with the tagline Identity is Center it seems downright surreal. What's up with that?

Update: Here is the explanation: anything not bylined is written by Phil Becker, the magazine's founder and editor-in-chief, who is also its most prolific author. Phil worried that it would seem egomaniacal to print his name so many times. For what it's worth, I think it's pretty cool that the chief cook can also wash all those bottles.

1 Another identity-related bit of news, as you'll discover if you follow that link, is that older InfoWorld content (pre-2004, I believe) now requires (free) registration.

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