LibraryLookup update: TLC

There's been another big surge of interest in LibraryLookup over the past few days. It started at 43 Folders, and spread to various places including Subterranean Homepage News, Lost Remote, Rebecca Blood, and The Guardian.

Thanks to Jill Darbyshire, I've been able to add support in the bookmarklet generator for yet another class of OPAC systems. The vendor is TLC, and I believe it should now be possible to generate bookmarklets for many of the TLC systems listed here.

To those of you who wrote with updates to the static lists: thanks, but I can't continue to maintain them. They were a useful bootstrap, and may still serve a purpose. But the generator is what I'm able to maintain. And it should give the most reliable results.

If you want to help me expand the collection of supported OPACs, the best thing to send me (as Jill did) is an URL that does an ISBN lookup for an OPAC that isn't one of the 16 types I'm already handling.

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