JotSpot demo

At the Web 2.0 conference today, Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer unveiled JotSpot, a new venture that aims to move Wiki technology into the realm of application development.

Earlier this week, during a phone call with the JotSpot guys, I made an AV recording of a WebEx session in which they demonstrated the product to me. The 23-minute 32MB Flash video I'm posting here took a lot more time than I planned on, required every video tool I could lay my hands on, and still leaves a few things to be desired -- no playback controls, choppy editing, too much screen real estate. Clearly there's more R & D to do before I can crank these things out as effectively as I'd like to. But the possibilities of the medium are exciting, and I hope to use it more going forward.

Meanwhile, here's the first installment: JotSpot Demo. (Update: better version here.)

Note: The flashing logo in the upper right corner belongs to Blue Pacific Software, whose Turbine Video Encoder wound up being the last link in the production chain.

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