Halfbrain's DNA

In this week's column, Under Gmail's hood, I mention Johnvey Hwang's nod to Oddpost as a Gmail forerunner. I left out part of the story because, well, I'd forgotten -- it's been a while. But a pair of excellent postings from Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah, a Lotus/IBM developer, refreshed my memory. Almost five years ago, a company called Halfbrain (which was acquired by Alphablox, which was acquired by IBM) made DHTML do things nobody thought it could -- like implement a spreadsheet, for example. As Ofoso-Amaah notes, some of that DNA found its way into Oddpost/Yahoo. And some of it found its way into IBM's WebSphere Portal. Thanks, Koranteng, for setting the record straight. And please do keep blogging! I would love to hear more IBM voices.

Scanning my archives, I see that I did mention Halfbrain in a column way back in March 2000. The questions I asked then still seem fresh today:

We keep circling around these issues. Some days, I can convince myself we're coming in for a landing.

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