Lighthammer Software's composite application toolkit

Lighthammer video Last week I recorded a screen video with Rick Bullotta, who's the CTO of Lighthammer Software. He'd seen my Gmail column, and wanted to show me how he and his team are weaving HTML, XML, JavaScript, and Java applets to support data visualization and services-oriented application development in the manufacturing domain.

Today when I sat down to edit that video, I was dismayed to learn that I'd fumbled the audio and captured video only. But no use crying over spilled milk. I decided to forge ahead, highlighting the points I found most interesting and supplying my own narration.

In this seven-minute clip, you'll see how:

It took longer to put this video together than I'd have liked, but it does capture the key points I wanted to illustrate. I'm still sorting out the tools and methods I'll need to be able to edit these things in a more time-effective way. And next time, I'll make sure the presenter's voice is captured too!

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