Linky in action

Today's screencast is a 90-second short showing how I use Linky, one of my favorite Firefox extensions. As the movie explains, Linky is a power tool that opens a set of links found on a web page into a corresponding set of browser tabs. I use it in two closely-related ways:

I've mentioned Linky before, and I even included a screenshot in that brief writeup, but the movie is a much more compelling way to show how it works.

There's nothing earthshaking here, just a nice demonstration of a handy tool. But the possibilities of the screencast medium continue to fascinate me. Movies communicate so much more than the obligatory static screenshots you typically find on product websites. I've mostly done long-form screencasts so far. But today's exercise makes me realize that the short film -- which highlights one specific thing and takes no time at all to produce -- is a useful form as well.

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