IDG's Patricia Smith interviews me about podcasting and screencasting

In today's 30-minute podcast, I'm interviewed by IDG's Patricia Smith about both podcasting and screencasting. The article is for IDG's internal newsletter, and Patricia graciously (and adventurously!) gave me permission both to record our interview and to publish this podcast in advance of the publication of her story.

Regular readers of this blog won't hear much that's new in this interview, but for a wider journalistically-inclined audience -- folks who work for IDG, or for other publishing entities -- I think it's a good overview of how blogs, RSS, and rich media are intersecting, and how we in the storytelling trade can use these tools to tell more informed, complete, and compelling stories.

Throughout the interview, by the way, you'll hear Patricia's keyboard clacking as she takes notes. When I was interviewed by another reporter recently, he used a conventional reporter's notebook. Neither of these folks made audio recordings but, in both cases, I did, and I gave my recordings to the reporters. Nowadays, as I see it, the "tape recorder" can be, and should be, running on both ends of the interview. It was funny to realize that, even when reporters don't capture audio, you can do it yourself and then ensure that everyone has the same sound track to refer to.

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