InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum: Building apps on the SOA platform

The title of my second panel at the upcoming SOA Forum is "Building applications on the SOA platform." I'll be joined on May 5 by Tim Ewald (Mindreef), Edwin Khodabakchian (Oracle), John Shewchuk (Microsoft), and Annrai O'Toole (Cape Clear). (On May 17, it'll be Microsoft's Dino Chiesa instead of John Shewchuk.) Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions I'd like this panel to address:

on objects, components, and services: Roger Sessions suggests the following definitions: objects share common operating system processes and execution environments; components cross process boundaries; services cross process and environment boundaries. Do we agree with these definitions? If so, what do they imply for service-oriented development?

on declarative versus procedural methods: SOA moves toward a declarative style in a number of ways. The properties of inter-application communication tend to be stated declaratively, not coded procedurally. Integration tends to become a contract-governed and data-driven affair. Workflows and business rules are further examples of a declarative trend. Eventually, of course, somebody has to write some code. Where and how does procedural logic intersect with these declarative techniques? And who's doing the declaring: programmers, business modelers, or both?

on tools: The first example of service-enabled tooling was the now-ubiquitous ability to browse for and attach services from within an integrated development environment. What other features characterize current SOA tools? Where are they headed? And finally, is there a risk that, by becoming too dependent on complex protocols and specialized tools, we'll lose the agility that SOA draws from its web roots?

on testing and debugging: SOA is, among other things, an "architecture of intermediation." As applications increasingly communicate using self-describing XML messages, how does the ability to inspect those message flows create new ways to test and debug software?

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