InfoWorld metadata explorer reloaded

In my ongoing quest to reinvent navigation and search, the next step was to recreate last month's infoworld explorer as a conventional server-based application. The original version was AJAX to the max, running entirely inside Firefox 1.5. That was interesting but not really practical. The new infoworld explorer plays to the installed base. Here are some jumping-off points:

1 January reviews

2 Items tagged with ids (intrusion detection)

3 Articles by Paul Venezia tagged with 10g (10-gigabit Ethernet)

4 Items tagged with storage and virtualization

5 Brian Chee reviews tagged with firewall

Be sure to click around once you get in there, though. Like the earlier version, this one is all about tag discovery. Among other benefits, I'm hoping this way of visualizing our tagspace will help us improve its quality and consistency.

One major difference from the original AJAXian incarnation is that URLs are composable. That makes this version more open-ended and query-like. Now the trick will be to keep this tool going in the direction of search, while also extending the revamped power search in the direction of navigation. With luck, they'll meet somewhere in the middle.

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