Listening on the run

Patrick Logan didn't have time to listen to the whole 36-minute interview with Lisa Dusseault, he just wanted to cut to the chase. Why are WebDAV and CalDAV necessary for calendaring? Here's the 3.75-minute excerpt that speaks most directly to those questions. And here's a transcript of the crux of the argument:

Once I've listed all these features that you get with all these existing RFCs [HTTP, iCal, WebDAV], there's actually very little left to do to make it work specifically for calendaring.

Oddly and delightfully, I knew I'd find that clip at around the ten-minute mark in the show because I knew about where I was on this run when I heard it. That's not helpful to anyone else, of course, but the links and quotes I can layer on top of audio tracks blaze trails for others to follow.

It's still not nearly easy enough to do this kind of annotation, so you don't see much of it happening yet. But solving that problem is a great opportunity for someone. And not just on the desktop. I'd love to have an MP3 player that enabled me to mark ins and outs on the move.

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