A conversation with Chris Gemignani about data analysis and visualization

Today's podcast is an interview with Chris Gemignani. We've crossed paths a couple of times, and I've been greatly impressed by his combination of skills. He's an extreme Excel hacker, has a Tuftean sensibility about data visualization, and uses his screencasts to open a window onto ways of thinking about, and doing, analysis of business data.

Chris and his brother Zach run a consultancy called Juice Analytics, and they write a blog that aspires to be "like 43 Folders for the Office set."

In our conversation we discuss data wrangling, the ubiquity yet tragic misuse of Excel, the failure of data marts, the social dimension of customer data, the prospects for agile and iterative ways of interpreting that data, the role of animation, and the new horizons opening up for in-memory processing. At the end I promote Chris to be the czar of Excel, and he describes his plan to revitalize it. Fun!

Update: Transcript now available.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2006/04/21.html#a1432