Berkeley versus Stanford in iTunes U.

The modernists, progressives, freethinkers and humanists who group-blog at Neural Gourmet note that Berkeley has joined Stanford in Apple's iTunes U program.

As Jon Udell wrote back in February, it's wonderful that universities and Apple are doing this but it has the effect of making the material less publicly available than if a link to MP3s had been placed on the universities' websites. That's a valid point I think, and a concern we should keep in mind. However, in the short run I think you've got to say that this is fantastic. [Neural Gourmet]
Indeed it is. Even more fantastic, there's a superset of these Berkeley lectures available as standard RSS podcasts.

I used to be an excellent biology student but my knowledge of the topic has faded over time. Now I'm sampling Lew Feldman's general biology lectures as a refresher course. And I'm using iTunes to fetch them from Berkeley's website. Any podcatcher will work, and the data is readily available for remixing. Perfect!

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