A conversation with Mike Frost about intelligent energy management

Mike Frost, CEO of Site Controls, joins me for this Friday's installment of my Interviews with Innovators series. A couple of years ago I wrote an essay called The energy web about a set of ideas that matter more with each passing month. I'll say more about this in my InfoWorld column next week, but as you'll hear in this interview, I'm really excited by the focused entrepeneurial approach that Mike's company is taking. "We can't wait for the government to build the railroads in this case," he says, and I violently agree.

This is Friday podcast #11, and I'm really liking the way the series is turning out. Now that I've got most of the production issues nailed, I can focus on having -- and, crucially for me, editing -- interesting conversations. With Doug Kaye's generous help I finally sorted out how to do a reasonable job of telephone recording. You can pick his brains on this topic too, by listening to his talk entitled Recording interviews and phone calls -- the version from the Podcast Academy at Boston University is the one I've heard. I also learned a lot from Daniel Steinberg's talk on the subject of audio editing. At some point I'd like to contribute something back to this knowledge base I've been tapping, and for me the best format will probably be a screencast that illustrates aspects of the editing process.

All this artifice does raise questions, and I wrestled with them in The audio digital darkroom, which is the transcript of a podcast I made last year. I think the conclusion I reached there is the right one:

There's no question that our media landscape is growing more complex. Sometimes the filter of post-production will be available to us, and sometimes it won't. When the filter is available we'll usually prefer it for the sake of narrative flow. But we'll always know how the magic is done, and we'll always be able to peek behind the curtain.

Update: Full transcript now available.

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