A conversation with Mike Hudack about blip.tv and the future of web video

Mike Hudack, one of the founders of the video sharing service blip.tv, was my guest for this week's podcast. Mike had seen my essay on walled gardens. We discussed blip.tv's current efforts and future to ensure that videos, as well as metadata about videos, flow freely on vthe web. Blip.tv is working with Dabble, FireAnt, Technorati, and other in a collaboration called Video Vertigo (hint: the password is (intentionally) in the authentication dialog box) to federate video-specific metadata, such as viewership stats, as well as general metadata such as tags.

We also discussed the evolution of web video genres, from rips of TV and movies to friends-and-family material to serialized entertainment to -- my current pet topic -- sharing of domain knowledge and experience.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2006/07/14.html#a1486