A conversation with Paul Patrick about BEA's AquaLogic suite

Paul Patrick is the architect of BEA's AquaLogic suite. In today's podcast we reflect on what's happened in the year since BEA declared its intention to become the Switzerland of SOA. Topics include objects versus services, why SOA != web services, how XQuery enables smart intermediaries, the nature of security in a world of distributed data, and BEA's intentions with respect to .NET, PHP, REST, and POX. Despite that mouthful of acronyms, the conversation should be accessible to IT-oriented businessfolk as well as to business-oriented technologists.

One of the pleasures of having been in this game as long as I have is that, once in a while, you get to reconnect with fond memories. Back in my BYTE days, around the time when CORBA was being overhyped just as web services tend to be lately, a team of folks from Digital Equipment Corp. arrived to show us their CORBA product, called ACA Services. (You can still find the occasional reference to it floating around on the Net.) At a time when cosmic architectures were all the rage, these folks impressed me mightily with their down-to-earth approach. They'd take anything you had -- a Unix shell script, a Windows application, a DOS batch file -- and wrap it up as a service in their CORBA framework.

In this interview I learned that the architect of ACA Services was -- you guessed it -- Paul Patrick.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2006/07/28.html#a1494