A conversation with Tim Fahlberg about mathcasts, clickers, and the future of education

The guest innovator for today's podcast is Tim Fahlberg. During his 11-year stint as a math teacher, Tim pioneered the use of what he calls whiteboard movies or mathcasts, and what I call screencasts. Today he's a consultant and reseller of educational technologies who's passionately committed to reinventing education. His main website is CoolSchoolTools.com. On his Wiki, Mathcasts.org, you can find hundreds of mathcasts. Tim has done a bunch of these himself, and there are also a bunch made by other people including these Australian schoolkids.

Math, Tim says, is the "most universally poorly taught and learned subject," and it's obvious how these mathcasts could help turn that around. We also discussed how teachers can use test preparation and evaluation tools to ease their administrative burden, and student response systems ("clickers") to make classroom learning more iterative and dynamic.

Former URL: http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2006/09/29.html#a1534