Bombshell aftermath

Reading through the comments attached to yesterday's announcement made it clear that I left a few critical questions unasked and unanswered. Rather than continue that thread here, I'm transplanting it to a new incarnation of my ancient personal website. It used to be Now it's, where I display my past record for inspection, and this blog for new thoughts and dialogue. I hope you'll join me there because during my sabbatical, from Dec 15 to Jan 15, I'll be laying the foundations for what I want to do next, and I'll appreciate all the help I can get.

For my last week here, I'll stick to InfoWorld-related knitting. But I can't resist pointing out my favorite of all the heart-warming reactions that poured in following yesterday's announcement. It's a 3-second video from Andy Rush, one of the switched-on instructional technologists I met at the University of Mary Washington back in May. Andy, you made my day!

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