The Xopus in-browser XML editor

Regarding my article this week in InfoWorld, which says:

Structured editing of schema-controlled XML data is a hard challenge to meet. Tools that would make the task easy and natural are nowhere in sight. [ ]

Sjoerd Visscher notes:

Maybe Jon Udell still hasn't seen Xopus . I can't blame him. We ( Q42 ) don't have a marketing department, and our Xopus site looks like we don't want you to use it. But Xopus does seem to be what Jon Udell is looking for .

I guess I wasn't paying attention. The Xopus demo is, indeed, an eye-opener. Runs in the browser, without plug-in support, toggling between WSYIWYG and XML modes, enforces schema, has multilingual support both in the UI and the document. Includes a competent table editor. The developers of this open-source project have even built a prototype of the MSIE ContentEditable feature for Mozilla, in advance of official support in Mozilla for that feature. Impressive!

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