RSS redirection, again

redirect According to NewsMonster's blog, there's a minor problem with my feed. NewsMonster seems to want to render both the <content:encoded> and <xhtml:body> elements. At this point, I'd just as soon drop <content:encoded>. And I probably will. But in so doing, I'll run smack into a long-unresolved problem. There's still no way to cleanly redirect from one RSS feed to another.

My current (and not well-conceived) strategy is to send <content:encoded> in my feed, and transform it into <description> in the alternate version of my feed. There aren't a lot of people depending on that version, so changing its address won't upset many apple carts. But as I've been reminded several times this week, there's still no solution to this problem. For example, Brian Sobolak wrote to point out that Jim McGee's writing might be of interest to me. Indeed! Jim's was one of the first orange icons on my channelroll. But I missed the announcement that he was moving from the community server to his own address, and so lost track of him.

There was some discussion of this a while back. It's easy to see why these proposals aren't getting over the activation threshold, though. Most people never run into the problem. Those who do run into it maybe once a year.

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